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Community Workshops

We reach out to the community and provide talks, seminars, workshops and tutorials, aimed at parents, educators, and professionals who serve children with special needs.

Upcoming Workshops
Please watch our Facebook page for upcoming events.
2010-2011 Workshops
  • "Warning Signs that Your Child Might Need More Help Than Your School Can Provide", conducted by Jonathan Stern, Ph.D
  • "Anatomy of the Neuro-psych Report", conducted by Dr. Peter Plagari
  • "Understand the Necessity for a Special Needs Trust", conducted by Stuart Flaum, a renowned financial consultant with personal experience in the world of Special Education
  • "Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on International Adoptions", given by Dr. Boris Gindis
2009-2010 Workshops
  • "The Essentials of Multisensory Orton-Gillingham program", given by Andrea Silvia Esq., Special Education Attorney and Orton-Gillingham Fellow
  • "Is It Asperger's or ADD", given by Dr. David Cooperman
  • "Special Needs Trusts", given by Stuart Flaum, Financial Consultant.
    This years workshops were standing-room-only!
  • "Identifying Speech and Language Issues of Mono-and Bi-lingual Children", given by by Dr. Nancy Eng, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
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